Envirosport is the leading Supplier & Installer of Artificial turf offering a comprehensive service covering all aspects of Astroturf & all weather pitch installation, from design & build to a full landscaping service as well as floodlighting & fencing.

Types of Artificial Turf


Sand Filled Artificial Sports Turf

This surface type can be either sand filled or sand dressed and has a slightly different specification depending on the sports which are going to be played on it.


The 2G sand-filled synthetic grass gives great playing characteristics for a number of sports including football and tennis, as well as hockey. With the sand filled specification, a sand infill is applied within the fibres of the carpet to improve the stability and add better performance qualities.

tennis 014.JPG

Water-based artificial turf surfaces and water-based AstroTurf have no sand infill between the pile fibres of the carpet and is therefore sometimes called 'no fill artificial turf'.


These fields require regular wetting, hence the name "water-based", often via prolonged showering often using with pitch-side water cannon prior to their use and occasionally during half-time intervals.


These water-based surfaces have a huge advantage in that they offer increased protection for players against the abrasive effects caused by sand. Water-based pitches are installed in the majority of the elite hockey pitches.

Water Based Artificial Sports Turf 


Third Generation '3G' and

Fourth Generation  '4G'

Artificial Sports Turf

The 'next generation' or 'Third Generation' artificial grass surfaces have a rubber crumb and sand infill for extra performance. This type of surface utilises longer fibres (up to 65mm) to ensure it can hold both rubber and sand infill the levels of which can be adjusted to produce optimum playing characteristics.


These are generally regarded as being about as safe to play on as a typical natural grass surface, perhaps even safer in cold conditions.


3G Turf surfaces are normally used for football but can also be used for rugby when combining the 65mm pile with a shock pad below it.

Con 50 3G.jpg

Needle Punched

Matchplay 2 is a sand-dressed structured needle-punch sports surface.

Its high performance, good grip and durability make it an excellent choice for any tennis club.

The built-in cushion layer makes for medium-paced play and is easy on players' leg joints.

Performance characteristics are evident from day one and are maintained throughout the life of the court.

Inlaid lines can be permanently added in white, yellow, red and blue.

Low maintenance and high porosity rating make Matchplay 2 ideal for all-weather usage, with play being able to continue as little as 30 minutes after rainfall.

  • Sand-dressed needle punch tennis surface

  • Kit form available

  • In-built cushions for easy impact on player's joints

  • Classified to ITF Category 2 Medium Slow

  • Available in Playrite green, sporting green, blue, terracotta

Needle punch artificial grass 93.png

Moss, Algae and Weed Treatment

Here at Envirolawn, we provide a cleaning service for all types of pitches and fields.


To clean the Moss and Algae of the fields.


To prevent the tennis courts from holding onto water and helping them drain away.

To stop the joints of your field from raising and coming up.


We can provide treatment for weeds for 3G football pitches, providing rubber crumb and provide support if the fibres of your pitch start to fold over or are hard under your feet.


We can provide a one-off treatment or arrange a long-term maintenance contract with yourself so the life of your field last as long as it possibly can.